Help needed with subscription

Hi brought a monthly subscription but wonT work or connect please help

Always turn your Internet Connection on!

Yeah that’s on just said have not got a valid subcription Evan thou I’ve paid twice now not sure what to do now

well paying twice is not the best method of solving the problem, check and see if your payment went through apple. if so are you using the same account to sign in on your subscription that your purchased it on?


When this happens it is because the incorrect Facebook or GooglePlus account credential has been entered to log in with.
Try your other Facebook or GooglePlus accounts until the correct credential tied to your subscription is accepted.

Use the “I already have a subscription” option on the Live page and follow the prompts.
If you still cannot find the correct credential for the log in, please reply with the full user name, last call sign, and a copy of your email purchase receipt for the subscription. A developer will locate the credential tied to your account and get back to you. Please allow a couple days for this to be completed.

Kind regards