Help needed (VA)

Hello everyone !
I really appreciate that you visit this topic because it might change my career in IF.
So I need a bit help with starting a new VA: Fiji Airways (Fiji Link included)
Why ?
I really like the islands of Fiji and the airline. Additionally there is no VA operating in this area (except Qantas but no one for the islands there)
This is why I need a bit help as it will be my first VA
I already have some experience with the system etc. in a VA.
But there is only one fact I am a bit afraid of: What if nobody wants to join me 🤔
I would appreciate every tips and help of you ! If everything works trust me this will be a great VA, I have already planned some things
(and yes I know that it will take some time until it‘s IFVARB approved)


Hope this topic doesn’t get closes to early 🙂

Thanks to everybody who thinks of helping me a bit and if not, no problem maybe I can welcome you to the Fiji Airways Recruitment Center 😆 ok I have to stop dreaming now !


Instead of opening a long discussion about this problem, I’ll just tell you some things:

First things first, being CEO of a VA is not an easy task. It seems easy, but it is not. You have to be able to dedicate some of your time to make sure everything runs smoothly, etc… However, it’s a great experience. Not only being a CEO, but the approval process itself.

Having said that, I would really like to work with you, share ideas and help you build your VA from 0. Check the pinned posts in the #live:va category and submit an application today.



I can confirm this statement. It’s very grueling and time-consuming.

Then you’ll go through it until someone does join you. Being CEO of a VA is a hard task.
It looks very easy, but really… it isn’t. You need to put a lot of time and effort on it. (Websites, crewcenters, etc).
I wish you good luck and I look forward eeeing your VA in the database

Cheers :)

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I know but I think I can do it :) !


You can do it… will take time though

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Rule one of a CEO is to be patient. Me myself being a CEO of a VA know that out of thousands and ten thousands of people who play Infinite Flight and are active on the Infinite Flight Community, someone will be interested in joining your VA and that “someone” will soon soon change to numerous number of people. Big VAs like BAVA, etc have taken a long time to get to the position where they are currently. They were patient and everything good came towards them.

So be patient, someone will come for sure. You may start with one or two pilots but that number will increase significantly.


@German_pilot, always have back-up plans… if Fiji fails, have a backup.


I can Also back this statement!! Hope to see a FJIVA in the near future!


That I respectfully disagree with. VAs are no mean feat. They take time, effort and more of both. If you have the mentality of “it doesn’t matter if Velocity airlines fails because I can always start 23Air Virtual” then you won’t be as motivated to make the former succeed. Not to mention it’d be an awful long time to wait to get a new one started if your first one failed…

I quote:

VA CEOs who resign their position are barred from VA/VO creation for 1 year after resignation.


Firstly, I’m talking if the VA doesn’t pass review. Secondly, you make the VA that you want to, the backup may be your second favorite VA choice, so you shouldn’t be having problems with that.

Third of all, someone I know had failed the review, but he was still allowed to be a staff member at other VAs.

Lastly, I didn’t specifically state what the backup was. Did I ever say it was to create a new VA?

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@ran @KaiM @hari.shreyas
Guys 😂 the question was if you want to help me and not if it is easy being CEO of a VA
I am sure I will do it and I thought about it for a long time but I was not sure which airline I want to take. I also thought about problems that can come up but dealing with problems is no problem for me 😆
@ran …cough cough Azerbaijan Virtual…


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