{HELP NEEDED TODAY} A380 Movie @ LFBO - 241300ZFEB19

  • Airbus A380-800 in Any Livery:

  • Follow Formation:

  • 1300Z:

  • Training:

  • Additional Information:

@Frenchix1 needs help today to make a short film on the Airbus A380!

If you’d like to help out take a look at the Formation information below! And message @Frenchix1 or comment below for more information! Look forward to seeing you soon.

Please Spawn at least 10 Minutes before the given Takeoff Time!

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I can spawn in a BA 380 or if we only have 3 ppl I am more than happy to be a fighter jet



BA A380 is great! I will message @Frenchix1 and confirm your attendance!

If you know of anyone else who would like to take part feel free to tag them below!

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I can spawn with AirAustral A380


what server ?

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Yes Training Server sir!

1300z not now

We start with the formation of three A380 and after with the military jet

I’m ready I’ll be in a fighter jet

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Roger sir !

Where should I spawn

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Airbus delivery parking

If you want you can start to spawn

We try speed 140kts not 160kts please

@A320fan @Alexandre @Captainshayan

Please Spawn at Airbus Delivery Gates, It is now 1300Z!

Please be respectful and considerate to other users, If ATC is live follow ALL instructions

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