Help Needed Please

I recently just got the game on my phone and on my iPad. I got the subscription on my iPad and on my phone I already have my gmail account linked. I tried to link my iPad (which has the subscription) to my gmail account which is connect to my phone and I got “error linking account, try again later or contact support for assistance with code 02.” I have logged out, but that hasn’t helped.

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You should have signed into your Google account first on the iPad, before purchasing the subscription. The app has now created a new account for you instead :)

We can fix though. Get back to me with the callsign & display name for both your primary account as well as the new one :)


Oh. Well, thank you. I appreciate the help. The display name on my IPad is: User-21249 and Call sign is: N212YA
The display name on my IPhone is: Jadon Parker and Call sign is: N46200

Thank you again!



It’s been fixed now. Just restart the app and you’ll be good to go! :)


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