Help needed for IFATC practical — practice session @ KVAD

So do i mate, so do i


Not bad. It got a little crazy in the beginning with a few BAVA representatives, not Liam S, aggressively taxiing to18R through other planes. I notice twice I had been cleared and placed into the sequence while on downwind following much larger aircraft traveling 230kts. I being in a 208 traveling around 150kts, naturally will create quite a gap between the traffic I’m following, which happened to be a pilot who enjoys that extra long pattern work out to the end of the cone. By seeing this gap, you were easily able to re sequence me by giving me a base call into a number 1, cleared T&G. I think this is evolved, well conditioned controlling from a trainee. Keep up the good work, you’ll do great with the ability to see the overall field so well. Best of luck and thank you.

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@Liam_Smart well at least it wasn’t you!

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@Brad_Jones @RTG113

Great job Brad. Just make sure you have enough spacing between planes inbound to land and planes on the runway for takeoff. I don’t know what the ATC standard is, but maybe at least 3nm?
Impressive job. I hope to fly into one of the airports you are controlling on expert very soon; and I know you will be a great controller. You demonstrated that very well today.

Thanks all for the feedback.
I can tell he was overwhelmed due to the high amount of aircraft in the patterns, but there’s a few things he needs to improve upon. :)

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Disappointing that is was others from BAVA, though!

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WELL… I passed my practical! Thank you all for helping me out


Congrats! Hope to see you control soon!

Congratulations, I passed mine today too! Where did you take the practical at?

KSSC. 2 ray expect change of rwy, transitions etc

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Nice, it’s a great airport to control at. I am just looking forward to getting started with controlling, however as it is my last day in Grees I am going to enjoy it. ☺️

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