Help needed for IFATC practical — practice session @ KVAD

Much appreciated @Chris_Hoover

I’ll be there - FedEx 1901 (Caravan)

I’m gonna eat my lunch then I’ll drop by! Should be 15 or so minutes. N428LA

To anyone who comes:

Remember to not fly like a total idiot. If I see you flying like a total idiot, I will forward your information to a moderator.
Pattern altitude is 2000 feet AGL.

I am his trainer, so as well as posting feedback for him, I’d appreciate if you would forward the feedback to me as well.

Thank you!

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Is the pattern altitude an altitude you have set? Usually pattern altitude is 1000-1500’ AGL.

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True, but Tyler stated in this thread that the altitude is 2000 above field elevation

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Hmm, okay. 2000’ AGL it is. On my way now :)

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Ill show up! FedEx 56 in the cesna Carravan

Transition, pattern entry, sequencing, runway change and clearing were all great. I stuck around on the runway for a while to see if you would call a go around. That didn’t happen, which is something that the controller is responsible for calling. I was on the runway and then you told another aircraft to line up and wait while the aircraft landing was no more then 2nm out. You need to make sure the runway is absolutely clear for inbounds, less than 2nm is not enough space to get a KC-10 out.

Make sure to keep an eye on every aircraft, and issue go arounds when necessary. Otherwise everything was great.


Sorry I had to leave so suddenly! I sent feedback to @RTG113 but here is what I have to improve on :
Make sure that any aircraft switching runway or any new inbound first gets a pattern entry before you sequence them. I didn’t hear any pattern entry commands on my side, and I know I didn’t get one. That’s the only thing I have to suggest that you improve on. I’m amazed at how well you handled all of they traffic. Great job! I’m very impressed! I heard “Number 8, traffic to follow is on right downwind.” When I was in your place, before I became an IFATC, I definitely could not have done that. Good work!

Very good work there were a lot of aircraft there. I gunned it off the runway as soon as I landed ;)

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I know lol 😂 thank you

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Fantastic job! Look forward to flying under yoir control again.

Sorry about the landing. What a horrible landing, i am not happy with it at all! Came down a little too fast!

I wasn’t concentrating on the landing. Too many people but thank you for coming and see you on expert soon

Thanks for the advice @MrMrMan. I hope to pass my practical tomorrow afternoon. I did manage to get some pattern instructions in somewhere but oh . It will be a lot sooother like it is now when I do the real thing tomo

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Best of luck! I look forward to seeing you in IFATC :)

So do i mate, so do i


Not bad. It got a little crazy in the beginning with a few BAVA representatives, not Liam S, aggressively taxiing to18R through other planes. I notice twice I had been cleared and placed into the sequence while on downwind following much larger aircraft traveling 230kts. I being in a 208 traveling around 150kts, naturally will create quite a gap between the traffic I’m following, which happened to be a pilot who enjoys that extra long pattern work out to the end of the cone. By seeing this gap, you were easily able to re sequence me by giving me a base call into a number 1, cleared T&G. I think this is evolved, well conditioned controlling from a trainee. Keep up the good work, you’ll do great with the ability to see the overall field so well. Best of luck and thank you.

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@Liam_Smart well at least it wasn’t you!

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@Brad_Jones @RTG113

Great job Brad. Just make sure you have enough spacing between planes inbound to land and planes on the runway for takeoff. I don’t know what the ATC standard is, but maybe at least 3nm?
Impressive job. I hope to fly into one of the airports you are controlling on expert very soon; and I know you will be a great controller. You demonstrated that very well today.