Help! My infinite flight is a bit broken

Hi guys I’m having trouble with my IF at KLAX when taxiing, anyone know who I can send the replay to for some assistance please?

You can share your replay at or. Screenrecord and upload YouTube to and send the link here for everyone to see and help :)

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Thank you for the help

As said above, you can share your replay, and shouldn’t this topic be in #support ?

Did not know about the support thing, but thank you also for the help

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The IF people are at KLAX took off a few mins ago and they have the terminals and stuff so maybe that might be why? Idk I’m not sure. You can send the replay to me though.

But that wouldn’t affect everything else as there were over 20 people at LAX at the time and they haven’t reported anything out of the ordinary

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Fair enough I don’t know then 😂

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Link doesn’t work

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