Help! My gear is sinking into the ground upon landing EVERYTIME IN REPLAY

This just suddenly happened. It did not happen inflight but only in recordings. In serious cases, when I replayed a flight landing in EGLL on live, the whole plane sinked into the ground and suddenly glitched back, slowed down on runway.

Can somebody help solve this? Makes all my landings really ugly.

Would really appreciate any help from the IFC.

How stable is your internet connection?

First check your internet connection and make sure it’s stable.

After, try clearing your scenery cache. It’s under General and at the bottom.

After clearing your cache, restart your IF. If it doesn’t work come back here and ask.

Still doesn’t work

Like I said it only happens in replay landing

Does the gear recover after its rolling on the runway?

Yes it does

But it sinks into the ground for a second after touchdown

Only happens in replay

I think it is a common glitch and your internet connection probably ‘decreased’ at that time therefore altering the replay outcome.

Yea I guess y’all are right! Thank you so much for everybody’s help! Happy landings!

This happens sometimes and is usually fixed when you close the game and restart it

I am having the same issue! But this is happening to me while I’m controlling on Expert server and flying!! Also happens in replay! The wheels slightly sink into the runway when touching down then pop back up!

I have the brand new iPad Pro 2021 (never had this issue on my last iPad)

I have cleared scenery catche, restarted IF and my internet it BT Fiberoptic…

Can anyone advise on a resolution, makes the game so unrealistic.

Just think it is a known glitch. Happened to me before. Devs are probably working on it.


Yes. Having a replay function isn’t very realistic. We should remove that ;)

The most usual cause for this is network instability. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do to resolve issues like that. Best is to try to improve network stability in general.


You mean WIFI connection?

Yes, the WIFI connection.

Hmm I don’t think it is the WIFI because my iPad before I got the 2021 Pro was on the same network and never happened, WIFI speed is pretty good never have any issues with it on anything.

Hard to know what’s causing it! Maybe it will disappear in the next update who knows!

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