Help! (Mods can close)

1500 lbs of fuel left over the pacific 77W appaoraching SFO still 270 miles out what do I DO HELP I HAVE 7 mins of fuel

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I have started a slow descent

Decent needs to slow, VS wise, and try to glide into SFO,

What is your FL?

Update: diverting to an airport Called KFOT. Doing a steep descent in. Still, if I could get a tanker that would we AWESOME.

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777 can’t be refueled in the air :)

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Welp, rip.

I am now gliding. Had anyone ever glided: landed a 777 with no fuel? Any tips?

Is that your nearest airport

If your close to KSEA that might be good

Go to KFOT then, that’s the only option. You may have to use emergency brakes

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Nearest with a decent runway

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Well, hope you land safely,

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Update guys: I didn’t land safely. The runway was in the mountains so I landed in a little valley but got the vio warning, so that was it. Thanks for the help guys.


Your welcome. Too bad, sorry you got a violation.


Oh I didn’t. Just the warning.