Help me

Hi guy i need help…my game for the past two days it says infinite flight is experiencing with some issues connecting to the server plzz help me

Thank you for contacting support! So that we may better assist you, please provide more information by answering all of the questions below:

  • What Infinite Flight version do you have? (tap About)
  • Which device and operating system are you using?
  • Where did you originally download Infinite Flight from?
  • Is your device modified in any way?

I appreciate the information so I can more accurately solve your issue.

Version 17.04.0
I have the game on a s7edge version 7.0
Downloaded from the playstore
No it is not modified

Go to Play Store. You should have an update there that should resolve it.


@Elj_Seth_Tababa look at this please, as you got the same issue and maybe ask @emiluf117 if and how he could solve it ;)

If your game says error connecting to the servers prominently…that means you havent updated your game to the latest version yet if your an android user go to playstore and update it if ur a apple user go to app store and update it

No. Apple users should not be getting this for the same reason.