help me!

I want to fleet must do, how people help me with

You mean you would like to join a ā€˜Virtual Airlineā€™?

Yes,hepl me

Look up ā€˜Virtual Airlineā€™ in ā€˜Search Topicsā€™ field at top right hand of page (Magnifying Glass)

Thask you very much

The most Virtual Airlines require a basic English knowledge.


Look up IFAO or Infinite Flight Airline Organization

I will register once I buy an aircraft that has the IF livery on it :)

But I do not know how to enter virtual ariline with my crew for visit

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Yes,hepl me

I can go to many fleet and 1 times not

Virtual airlines?

Yes,i do not know

my virtual airline, Travelsky Airlines, is actually looking for pilots, i speak french and basic englishā€¦
if you are interested, check the website : =D. Hope to see you