Help me with the forums

How do I make a form can some one help me please

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I don’t exactly understand what you’re asking. Mind reiterating it differently or provide some other details/descriptions? :)


How is babby formed?

They need to do way instained mother. Who kill their babby, when babby can’t frigth back?


Which form you need I got em all, but it’s gunna cost ya.

Now mack I’m no Psychic so are talking about the Forums, Google Forms, or the thing AR said.

Gents this might be me over thinking it , but could he maybe be meaning forums not forms !?

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Again, Welcome to the forum. Here are some good instructions about how to use the forum. Don’t worry about the sarcasm… It actually keeps me pretty entertained! Also, use the search functions for how to “do something”. Most information is already on the forum.