Help me with simbrief please!

Hi guys can one of you show me how to copy a flight plan from simbrief to infinite flight with pictures


Just create a plan on simbrief, paste your simbrief user id here and you’ll get an IF copyable fpl


@Ads08 OP asked for pictures.

It’s really simple -

Type your Simbrief USERNAME into this box - you can include the SID/STAR waypoints and Top Of Climb/Descent waypoints if you want to.

This is the page that will appear and your Infinite Flight-friendly flight plan is at the top.

There’s also some other useful info such as cruise speed & altitude, fuel burn in the top right.


I know lol, I was in class 😅

Thank you soo much guys 🤩 @BennyBoy_Alpha @Ads08


No problem! Any other questions - feel free to send either of us a message :)

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woah you just helped me aswell i did not know this thanks

I had an error

Ur simbrief username go to ur account setting on simbrief you might have to scroll down but after you click that there go to the thing where it says Alias (Username)

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