Help me with my Architecture Thesis!

Hello all,

I’m in my final year of undergraduate architecture school, and as is typical with your last year, you spend it constructing a thesis project.

Naturally my thesis project is of course aviation related, but more specifically the invisible navigational infrastructure that exists in our urban built environments and the negotiation and mediation of horizon, sky, and topography.

Now, where I need help! I’m focusing my thesis research on El Alto International Airport in La Paz Bolivia, a site where these navigational systems become hyper site specific. I’ve been trying to find as up to date approach and departure plates on google, but can only get as recent as 2011 without paying for the charts from Jeppesen. If anyone has a Jeppesen or foreflight subscription and would be willing to provide screen-captures of these charts, that would be massively appreciated. It would be used for strictly educational purposes.

Thanks for reading this far, and have a great day!

And here are some of the drawings I’ve been developing for my thesis (I initially started in NYC to build up a vocabulary):


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