Help Me Win a Trip to Malta! Vote Now!

Hello IFC!

You’re probably wondering what this is & why this even exists. Well sit back & relax while I write an essay on how you, yes you could help me out. Sounds cool, right?

Me & my school class are taking part in a competition that’ll (if we win) win us a one week trip to the beautiful island of Malta! To enter we had to upload a picture of us just doing something & we went for the so called “Lazy” approach. To win, we need to collect as many votes as possible. We’re currently 5th & are 110 votes behind 1st place. Because the IF community is an amazing and supportive place I thought that’ll I ask a mod if I’m allowed to promote our picture. Thank you @schyllberg

Closing date: January 2019


  • The website is in German so follow the simple steps below.
  • Please do this on a mobile phone because you’ll receive a text message Free of charge and because it won’t work on a PC, Mac etc.

How can I vote?

Follow These Simple Steps (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)
1.1 You should see this.

1.2 Scroll down until you come across this picture. In the bottom right (To where the arrow is pointing) there is a little search bar which says “Suche deine Schule”. In english this means “Search for your school”.

1.3 Click on the search bar and type in “2b”. The first picture is our picture. I know, it’s not great but at least we tried. Plz don’t hurt me

1.4 Click on the blue button. In this case it says “undefined” but it usually should say “Abstimmen”. Translated to English means “Vote”.

    1. This should pop up. Enter your phone number.
      Don’t worry
      Your information will not be shared and visible to other people.
      This isn’t just for Swiss people. Click on the small arrow next to the Swiss flag to change the phone number.

    1. Once you’ve entered your phone number, you’ll have to wait a bit but you should receive a text (Free of charge) with a six digit code. Enter that code and click “Weiter”. English: “Continue”. Every code is different so don’t enter the code shown in the picture below.

    1. This page should appear. Fill our the information needed. Once you’ve filled our the information, tick the second box and click “Senden”. English: “Send”.

First name
Last name
Post code
Telephone number
(Blurred for privacy reasons)

    1. Now you’re all done! Thank you if you did vote for us & maybe you’ll see a trip report coming your way. Please share this with your friends, family, pets etc.
      I’ll give everyone an update on Monday to see how we’re getting on.
      Once again thank you very much!

What is this we are voting for? Please provide some details on what this is in aid off and how this is actually aviation related generally and IF specific?

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Please read the title and my post more accurately & then you’ll understand.

This trip is sponsored by a real world airline, Air Malta. This is associated with IF hence why it’s posted in #real-world-aviation

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That still didn’t answer the question on what the competition is in aid of. Perhaps if you spent more time explaining what the competition is in aid of, what you had to do and why you would like us to vote for you rather than something else you might get more support. ;-)

So far it does not explain how it is related to either aviation (apart from flying to Malta) or even to IF in any way.

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Sorry about that.
So basically me & my class can win a one week school trip to Malta and for that we need you to vote for us . The more votes we have, the higher the chance is that we’ll go to Malta.

The reason I posted this on the IFC is because Air Malta is sponsoring the competition & I could make a trip report on Air Malta.

PM me if you would like to continue this conversation.

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That helps to clarify it a bit now for the reason. Perhaps if you explain a bit more about what you have to do to win the competition ( ie WHY we should vote for you not just that you need more votes to win) that would help people decide to help you win.

Good luck !


Well, I mean, he’s part of our community… and who else would we part to win?


The voting procedures are like NASA secret codes. I couldn’t dare.

It’s very simple. Just follow the steps.

Sorry but I’m not voting. I’m not comfortable with step 4. Why is my postal code required?


I don’t know why it is required but I do know that none of your personal info will be visible to anyone.

Why should we vote for you and not another school?

Do you know anyone from the other schools? I’m asking you becuase you and I are a part of the IFC

No I dont but people dont vote for a president without knowing something about them do they? I’m curious as to why we should vote for your school.

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We’re currently in 5th place and we need 110 votes to get to that sweet 1st position.

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So have you entered some type of media or something that is judged and then voting for, or are you supposed to just blindly vote based off names or who you know?

I’m with you but the whole process in general seems a bit odd.

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They had to take a picture and the picture with the most votes wins the trip to malta.

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I voted, the only personal information provided was my cell number.

Everything else was random since personally I’m not too keen on promotional emails sent to me every few days - good luck to your class @Nick_Wing


Thanks a lot. Have a good day!

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Unsere klasse macht auch mit!