Help me whith my country and aerodroms

Good morning, I would like to be able to ask for help with airport developers since in my country some are still missing and have not been through it for a long time, I really like someone could help me by adding more aerodromes in my country. Thank you very much for anyone who likes to help me

Hey there! The airport editing team doesn’t usually take direct editing requests, but you can become an airport editor yourself and work on Guatemalan airports, and others around the world! If you decide to do so, give this topic a read through, it’ll tell you everything you need to know, from required software to your application ;)


Thank you very much, is that the problem I have is that I do not have a computer, it can be supported from an ipad?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can run WED (required software) on an iPad. However if you do get/use a computer, you don’t need a very powerful one to run the software.


Shoot me a PM, and I can look into some of your requests.

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Hi, im need to iPad request for editing Airports

I know what you want, but I need to know which ones. I’ve sent you a PM to discuss. 🙂

Taken to PM