Help me w/ crashes

I can’t get a subscription because every time I click on /month it crashes, plz fix it

Try buying the yearly one

@AR_AR he may not be able ot purchase the yearly one (Might explain why he has the monthly one).

Could you provide more details as to the circumstances of the crash? What device and OS? Any patters that lead to crash?

Moved to bugs.

Try this it may help

No, it won’t. That bug is a problem with app crashing every time you load IF. Not when you’re in the app :/ :)

Well I tried

Please provide specific details of the device make, model, and current firmware version. Describe any error messages you might see. First try rebooting the device after closing all open apps in the background. Sometimes a factory reset will be the solution but that is only if everything else tried has failed.
Also be sure to note if there are any customizations or modification outside manufacturer specs. Rooted or Jailbroken and or apps that unlock IAPs such as Freedom or LuckyPatcher can cause problems. Copies of the app downloaded and installed from alternate websites offering paid apps for free are not supported.

More honest detail gets problems solved quickest. :)

Or contact me at: then click “Contact Support” to open a ticket and I’ll help you one on one.


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