Help me understand my violations/grade

Rules are rules. It’s the same as in real life, you can’t just disobey them. By buying a subscription, you agree with all the terms and regulations set by FDS.

The rest has been said by Kevin.


The new rules were put in place to ensure that trolls and bad pilots don’t interfere with the people who are trying to play properly. If you want to get back to TS1 and expert, play the game, meet the requirements. Bing bang boom.


First off I never did anything wrong I fly for about 5 to 6 hours a day from a million places. I know how to use ATC the right way. WTH infinite flight?

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It’s not the simulators problem, it’s yours…
You obviously have not met the requirements.


Ok hold on buddy. Everyone in the community is about to decend on you with their infinite wisdom.

Listen guys he’s new go easy on him let’s just drop links to the new member thingy and the live flight category and call it a day .


First off calm down and help us help you. Now you’ve reached out to a very helpful and diverse community of aviation enthusiasts as well as professionals.

We can help improve your experience if given the chance!


It might help if you sent your grade table to
That way we can find out why it won’t let you on the expert server

Here is a photo of my grade table

Check out this before making anymore statments @Charlie32204 and also check out the #tutorials for information on how the Developers define conduct on the servers, rules, and how to actually play the game per Infinite Flight.

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As you can see, you have too many violations to landing ratio
Check out this as the requirements have changed

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You’ve accumulated some violations but that’s okay these are apart of learning sometimes. The sky is the limit from here! You can become a better pilot through practice, research and emulating others that are well versed in Infinite Flight’s aspects!


Guys I’ve been flying when there was no global and when they had the missions with the space craft…

You have 6 violations in a 24 hour period where 5 is allowed. That is why you are back to grade 1.

Its not because of the rules, its because you were speeding or something else. You can check the log book to see why.

There are two parts to this.

  1. Your violations cause you to lose a grade. Grade 2 is required for the training server in an effort to improve quality.
  2. There is a second layer of requirements to access the server which is the violation to landing ratio. For the training server you need to have more landings in the past 12 months than violations. Expert is 2 landings for every 1 violation.

If you have more questions, talk to a moderator.


Which is great but let us help you refrain from receiving those violations set forth within the simulator.


And that’s great.
Just try to get less violations when flying. If you would like to fly for fun, go on casual, but expert is for serious players. Just get more landings and you’ll be back on expert in no time!

Expert server is real life, not to be foolish because Real life = Serious play, and you know what, when you make 1 or 2 mistakes in expert, you are dead meat to get downgraded to Grade 1 so it is better for you to get more training instead of being silly in other servers because you can’t disobey rules.

I don’t think there’s anything else left to add. I think the op is aware of his mistakes. I hope we don’t end up beating a dead horse here.

Can we get this closed? It’s getting redundant.

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You got some violations it looks like. Just wait 1 week and you’ll be grade 3 again.

Before this topic gets closed, I would like to say something to the OP and everyone:

Do not blame the simulator for your mistakes. If you made a mistake on the expert server and got your grade level demoted, it was your fault, not the simulator’s fault. New rules were put into place and they were revealed on the server selection page and IFC. Now it is up for you to follow those rules. If you break those rules, you get a violation. Simple. But do not blame the simulator for your own mistakes. There are no bugs on the simulator that would give you a violation or ghosting for no reason.