Help me solve my problem

yesterday I went to buy the annual plan and ended up with the monthly one. I would like to know if I can get the refund to make the new purchase of the annual plan. I was doing the annual purchase, so I took the test and it worked!|820x388

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now i can no longer afford the money to buy the annual.

was the spell checker. I don’t speak english friend


Haha np it’s autocorrect…

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If you go to purchase summary you may try submitting a refund request for that subscription

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So hold on… is this what happened:

You tried to get the Annual, but then you accidentally purchased the monthly?

If that’s what happened, you may want to contact Google Play for a refund

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Yes. that’s right

Ok, Check this link out:

In google play follow that route:

Account > Orders history

and you will see all what you purchased

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however, I don’t know if it was because of the beta version, I was doing it at the time of doing the annual.

Oh, are you in Beta?

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Yes, i doo

I see, I am not sure if it’s the same refund process for Beta apps…

You may want to wait till someone who knows comes.

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yes i am hoping someone was lucky to help me.

there I did it is not possible to refund this item

A great place to start ;)

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Yes… that maybe because of beta. I am unsure about how to solve this, try asking the same question in this thread:

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I thank you very much for your help … but after 7 thousand hours of flight, I will be giving up everything.

Oh, are leaving IF 😔

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