HELP me please!

I am at grade 2 from 3 because of not being active I have 9/15 flights required, I just did one but it is still at 9, HELP!

You probably did one landing exactly 90 days ago, so one was added just now and one was subtracted from back then.

Just do more landings.


Like I just did a flight from CYUL to ottowa but it still says 9/15. I dont get it.

No I did tokyo to DFW like 10 days ago

Read what I wrote.

It’s 90 days to the second.

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So lets say if I do a flight from LHR to Tampa now, will that make it 10?

Only when there isn’t a landing about to expire at the same time.

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You can do some touch & go’s to get the amount of landings up.

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wait does it have to be at least 1 minute

30 seconds.

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Ill try it and get back to you

IT works, thank you so much! I owe you one!


something similar happened, I flew for over an hour to get to grade 3, but it still subtracted my flight time

No it didn’t.

Your new flight time was added.
Flight time of a 90 day old flight was subtracted.

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that’s what I eventually realized

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