Help me please

Hello, I finished for the first time expert service will enter giving my first trip from Los Angeles to San Diego, I had my route ready to go down to 27 runway and at that moment from the control tower he sent me to enter but I had my travel route I lusta with gps and I still don’t know how to turn abruptly and I see that I report and this for me is quite disappointing it is my first time and after so much happiness of reaching the top and that they report you I must also clarify that I am 40 years old and that I was manipulated from a phone if you can help me I would appreciate it

Do you know who your controller was? It always helps to pm the controller and they’re always happy to explain the situation.

Your controller can be found by going into the replay of that particular flight > then clicking the airport icon on the map in the same manner that you would use to access the SIDS/STARS of that airport, however all you have to do is click the airport name and voila you should see your controllers IFC name in the first tab > after that you can search up your controller here on the ifc and shoot them a pm!

Hey there!
If you received a violation that you think was wrongly given to you, please send a PM to the @appeals group and they will help you out. Make sure to have the replay of the flight.

If no violation was given, try finding your controller as mentioned above.

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First of all, I don’t see why you were mentioning your age, since it doesn’t matter how old you are. Second of all, yes, contacting the controller who reported you might be a solution but you also might want to be more clear what your intentions were and what happened exactly. It’s kind of hard to understand the exact situation when you write down the situations in awkward orders.

I think he was trying to convey the point that he doesn’t no how all of this stuff works. I think

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Yeah, but still ages really don’t matter cause IF provides no tolerances in incidents happening when you’re against the rules. That responsibility comes from the user guide, which every pilots should be well informed of before they fly in the expert server.

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My respect for the air controller, he did things well, I am the one who starts at the expert level and I still have a lot to learn. What happens is that I did not do things with bad intentions, which is my first time flying in expert service. Thank you. if you can help me

At 2228Z, the controller at San Diego was @Alberto_Lopez, and I was at Sint Maarten. If you were reported at KSAN, contact Alberto, or if you were reported at Sint Maarten, feel free to contact me.

If neither of the above are true, you can always contact @appeals within seven days regarding Level 2 or Level 3 violations that you’ve received on the Expert Server.

Very unfortunate that this happened to you, but if the ATC controller did nothing wrong there’s nothing anyone can do to this violation. Try reading the user guide and getting used to following the ATC’s instructions so that this never happens again by being a part of the experts :) Also, welcome to the expert server.

I know that age does not matter and I have forced myself a lot to reach this level and my respect for all those who are here but if my request bothers some of the pilots present then I apologize and thanking everyone and enjoy this beautiful game which I think also my English does not help me much and I withdraw many blessings to all

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I’ll make a PM explaining what happened. No need for more. Thanks all!


No need to apologize, and English not being your first language isn’t something wrong. Let’s all just stick to the user guide :)

Luckely for us we both talk Spanish, so this can be solved easily :)


Great! This is definitely the advantage of a global flight simulator :)