Help me please ๐Ÿ˜…

So I just started playing Infinite flight - and I still feel like I need help with my flight plan - because every single time I make one - and I takeoff, and press LNAV ( Auto pilot ) I Feel like that my plane is going the wrong direction and it is going the wrong direction anyone know why?

And one more question why do I have to put on the attitude by myself, I thought that it was going to do it by itself?
Does that mean that every single time, that Iโ€™m doing a flight I have to keep an eye on my phone, to see if itโ€™s not going the wrong direction or the attitude is too high?

And yes I have tried to watch Infinite flightโ€™s videoโ€™s on YT but I still feel like itโ€™s not helping meโ€ฆ
Have a blessed day!

When you say going the wrong way, is it veering off your flight plan?

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I think they might of used NAV1 instead of GPS

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Thatโ€™s what I am thinking.

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VNAV is only available for descent at the moment, so you need to manually change the altitude while climbing

Yeah kindaโ€ฆ

Like would you no longer be following your flight plan? Would the autopilot go and do itโ€™s own thing?

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The autopilot would still be on, but I feel like that itโ€™s doing itโ€™s own thing.

@Ahmaaddh Try clicking Nav on top of AP settings, then see if SOURCE is GPS, if it is NAV 1, itโ€™ll follow ILS

Do you mind sending a replay to Share My Infinite Flight. Then send the link here.

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Hmm check which one is activitated

Like which Leg is activitated

Someone should Move this to support if ur tl3

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I think your problem is mostly due to NAV SOURCE. if you want LNAV be sure to change it to GPS not NAV1. If you tuned into an ILS or other navigation frequency on the NAV1 it will follow that instead of LNAV. Remember, LNAV is a GPS/RNAV GNSS system.

So I only turn on NAV1 when Iโ€™m on approach to my destination?

If doing an ILS approach yes.

Source should be set as Nav > Source > GPS in the User Interface of the flight (and is by default in each flight) when using LNAV. The system will follow the purple line, which can be altered on which one to follow by going on the Male and clicking the โ€˜MAPโ€™ button at the top right to see the detailed view of your fpl. Iโ€™m sure if you can make one, youโ€™ve seen this before. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just make sure the distances between each waypoint are far enough so that the aircraft does not miss the waypoint and decide to circle around.

Not at all! Flying in game definitely comes with experience. Learning to climb in each aircraft comes at a different pace, with an average safe climb for every commercial aircraft being about 1800fpm to its correct mach speed. (Using allows a good reference in speeds)

Once youโ€™ve got the hang of flying in general youโ€™ll feel more comfortable with leaving your flights for long period of time. I do this after a lot of experience, whilst I am at school, and am sleeping, with no problems whatsoever! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Yes, donโ€™t use NAV1 when climbing or descending

@Ahmaaddh does that solve your issue?

Only on ILS specifically. If you are doing a GPS approach use NAV SOURCE - GPS.