Help me please

when i put the APPR it doesnt land it just goes another route?

Did you set the ILS correctly?

Press on the airport, go to Runways and select your landing runway as your NAV1.

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Hey buddy, I hope this thread will be of some use to you, definitely give it a read:


Hi. This is the fifth topic that you have created in the past couple of hours, for general topics that have been asked numerous times before. Please make sure to utilize the search bar before posting, because chances are, if you have a question, someone else probably has the same question as well.

As for the question that you have asked in this topic, @Dan_77 provided a great resource that I recommend checking out. Also make sure that you have set the NAV1 instead of GPS in the NAV menu. If you continue NAV on the GPS, it will follow your flight plan instead of the localizer.

Happy flying!

thanks for the assistance

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