Help me please

Hello currently im doing a flight from Dfw and there is high winds up to 53KT right now, so I have seatbelts and is there like a app to see something like the pilots image

(Tryed windy but don’t know how to read it

Where are you flying to? I know there’s a storm cell in the Houston area.

im Flying to klax

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Here is a picture of my fpl and also I’m trying to change it every time image

Yeah have storms been scattered around Texas this evening. Got some rain down south near San antone.

I don’t know how long should I keep seatbelts


There is also a storm cell here. Looks pretty nasty. You’ll get through it. Also, 53kt winds are nothing :)

The storm seems to be heading southeast. You should be fine.

Yes do you recommend apps like that, that can show me like what pilots have image

Texas is quite oddly getting precipitation in August. Don’t remember the last time in recorded history this has ever happened.


Any radar app in existence.

@Airwolf facts

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Don’t know any apps

Go to the app store/google play store and search “radar app”.

Try MyRadar. It’s what I use. I Track weather with it during tornado season all the time. I also use it for other aviation related things. image

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Now what is a good way to find your plane

LiveFlight. Make sure you’re looking at the correct server, though.

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I think you need like a pro to access that

Yeah use LiveFlight then figure out the location you are in on a radar app. There are no IF trackers that have a good radar system.

Think y’all are missing the question.

Sadly there are no 3rd party applications to get that kind of screen in IF, and none come to mind for being on a stand alone device. In the future though that functionality may be implemented in the A320 family live cockpit.



No, you need a subscription to access a bunch of other features. Just look on the map and you’ll find yourself.

I had 53kts while landing at RJGG and half of the airport disappeared.

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