Help me please - Landing count

I have already performed anothe landing but it won’t change from 4 to 5 that I need to transfer to grade 2. Pls help


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Maybe the landing didnt count?

Also were you doing touch and goes when the landing did not count? If you were then to qualify as a landing you have to have main gear on the ground, and at least 30 seconds between landing.

Hi welcome to the community, sometimes the last landing doesn’t register for some reason, normally I take off again and just do a couple more landings just to be safe and that usually does the trick.

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Landing counts if:

  • No landing in the last 30 seconds
  • Touchdown has to be on a runway
  • At least one main gear touching the ground
  • Ground speed must be above 10kts
  • Landing must be done on a live server

Did you satisfy these requirements?


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I would just do the landing 1 more time and if it doesn’t work again tell me. Also make you you land on the runway. Sometimes if you land to early or not o much ton1 side it may not count.

Ok everyone let’s give the OP time to do the suggestions. No need to say the same thing over and over.

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As you can see, the landing bit says (90 Days) next to it. This means it only counts the landings you did in the past 90days. Is there a chance you made a landing 91 days ago that got deleted today?

Also got a top tip change one the bottom reading e.g Airspeed and time to landings, this make it easier to keep track of your landings and makes sure you satisfy the requirements.

Did you do it on solo? I have tried it it doesn’t work lol.

I would suggest to keep a track on ur landing count while doing touch and gos via Landing option available on the information bar.

I turned the counting of landings. It did count, after I tried with a long haul flight and didn’t work again.

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You may be landing to early and if you are try to land at the right time and at the correct speed also look at the runway to see if which one is being used an which one is not or try on casual server an land on the runway

That’s likely because you did a landing 91 days ago which fell off during the long haul because of the 90 day landing requirement.

Mum maybe it is delay?