Help me please i cant connect to live server

help me please


I can see that you’re on an older version of Infinite Flight due to the old news feature which is why you’re unable to connect to the servers.

Are you able to update the app?
And what device are you currently utilising for Infinite Flight?

You may be using a device that no longer supports Infinite Flight.


It appears he’s utilizing an iPad of some sort.


I think you should update app because it is such an old version that live server cannot be connected.

If your Ipad do not support last IF version, suggest contacting @schyllberg or support for help


apple tablet

Have you paid for the game?

I see your software is IOS 9.3.6 which is quite old.

The only thing I can suggest is updating your device

I have an iPad that has the exact same OS. It won’t update beyond that.

From the model number the device appears to be an Apple iPad 3rd Generation and you won’t be able to update it to a newer version of iOS.

Unfortunately, Infinite Flight requires iOS 10 or later and as stated above your device is unable to update to the specified iOS.

This is due to the app requiring newer & modern devices to ultimately bring further// high performance demanding features into the simulator.

Consequently, the only viable option in this case is to acquire a new device that meets the specific requirements for Infinite Flight & that can support iOS 10 or later, or the android equivalent.


Hello guys,

I’m having trouble connecting to the global server, app is up to date and my WiFi is working. Any ideas?

The servers are currently not working.