Help me pick a route for tonight please?

Help me pick a route
Should I do Sydney to Delhi or London to Hanoi?

I’d do London to Hanoi. Have a nice flight mate 😊


Thanks but I will wait for more results to come in before I decide.

If your on Expert then I would recommend taking an overnight flight to central USA. There will ATC there once you arrive.

I want to not do a flight from the USA tonight as I did Los Angeles to Moscow last night.

You can make a poll

Dont do it from the USA, do it TO the USA. ( But if you don’t care about ATC I say Sydney-Delhi)

Sydney to delhi is a really pretty route. You fly right over the outback in the middle of austrailia which is really pretty, and also you can take the 787-8 which I hardly ever fly because it is lacking so many common liveries, but it does have the air india livery, so I suggest this route.

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How do you make a poll?

Press the setting button and choose “build poll”

Random number generator:

Set the min to 1 and the max to 1000.

  • If the number lands on an even number, do the Sydney route.
  • If the number lands on an odd number, do the London route.

We don’t need route picking topics. Just fly what sounds interesting to you. 🙂