Help me out here

I have a big COMPLAINT! HUGE COMPLAINT! I’ve spent about one hundred dollars or so within the past two years. Of playing online. I’d like to get my score for “ Grade up”. I’ve reached my requirements. It ain’t workin! I’ve got about 9595, or so credits! But it ain’t recognizing! Help me.

Can you provide a screen shot of your stats page?

Click on your name in the corner and the. Click on the (I) next to your grade.


No need for caps lock or anything. We can help you, most of us have spent lots of money and ultimately increasing your grade is down to you and the way you fly, do what Chris said and we can see what the issue is.


Hi there @Designated_survivor, can you please provide a screen shot of your stats table. We will be glad to answer your question after we see it.

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Do keep in mind that in order to level up you have to have a certain amount of Landings, violations etc to get a higher grade.

Like so:

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Nothings seems to be wrong just need 80 more landings in next 90 days. that will also bring your xp up.

Taken care of over PM.