Help me out here please : )

Will the E195(E190-200) be apart of the E190 rework?

I don’t know much about Embraer and how they work around with their aircraft naming so some help would be appreciated.

Just wanted to ask before creating a feature request.


Infinite flight is working on the E175 and E190. Neither are confirmed for a specidic update and we’ve only seen E175 renderings.

I know about the E175 and their not confirmed for a specific update (Im not asking when they will release).

I’m asking about the E195(200L) Correct me if I’m wrong and if it will be apart of the E190 rework or not.

Only the E175 and the E190. The E190 is different than the E195 and is therefore not included in the E175/190 package.

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Thanks for the answer. I’ll send you a question in your DM’s quickly. You can close the topic.