Help me identify....U2?

Anyone see this in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay) today?
Photo taken ~ 20:00Z today (13:00 PST).
Likely departed from CCR…best guess…


I think it isn’t a U2. Wings don’t look right to me

The 717 is boeing! Not bombardier


Most definitely a UAS. Anything on FlightRadar?

Looks like an Aero L39 not sure however.

Likely the Dragon Lady. Makes sense because of your location, as they are out of Beal.

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It’s a U2… To me at least…

Not my photo


Yeah it’s a u2, seen another picture of a u2 ott before looking like that.

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Would it even appear on Flight Radar? I guess so, right?

A website called adsb exchange, go to their global radar view, put miltary filter on, you get most miltary aircraft around the world then😉

No, it doesn’t have the fuel tank things on the wing.

Anything on Flight Radar or FlightAware?

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There are variants of the U2 that don’t have the those things on the wings…

Oh, but aren’t there only a very few U2s left in service?

Could very much be as they are located at an airbase near the SFO metropolitan area. I would say it is based on the shape even though I have some doubts on if it is.

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According to Airspacemag there are only 35 to 50 actively flying at any time. I would doubt this though, that post was from 2012

Confirmed by CCR staff: U2.
Made a few passes near CCR and left its airspace.
Origin and destination was not given by staff at CCR.
Couldn’t find on Rlightradar or FlightAware.

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I say U2…I can agree with what other people are saying.

Haha I love all the wild guesses here.

It’s a U2 from Beale Air Force base.

I’m not surprised you couldn’t find it on FlightAware or FR either.

You saw one of the three aircraft from the picture below.


I was wondering when you were gonna pop in and stop the wild guesses. @cleipelt

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