Help me identify this plane

It wasn’t cloudy at 2pm. It was sunny

I think it was N351JB, an E190, from FLL.

Wait no, it doesn’t have winglets

Ah, I thought it was cloudy from this website but I’ll take your word since I think you live there.

But I still gotta say, it has to be a JetBlue A320. The darker shade on the underside of the aircraft matches up.


Wait that looks right actually, there was a E175 in the replay tho

My timing was way off the time of the photo was 2:51 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Should be the JetBlue A320 I said above then. N643JB specifically.

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Oh, then it was cloudy at 2pm 🤔. I was not paying attention to the weather outside today.


A319, looks short for an A320 and obviously not a 737

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