Help me get rid of level 1 violations

Hello everybody! I hope you are well!

The reason for my message is for a Moderator to help me remove a level 1 violation that happened to me very strangely! I already sent a message to the Moderators very early but I have not received a response.

I hope and someone can help me, I appreciate your attention !.


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Have patience, they’ll get back to you when they can :)

As well, you should send this to @appeals instead of @moderators

Unfortunately, we can not do anything useful until you hear back from them. Allow for sometime. You’re not always going to get a response immediately.


The problem is that there are only level 2 and 3 violations.

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But thank you very much for the answers!❤️

If you received LV2/3 violations, you should reach out to the appeals team as they handle those.


I receive a level 1

If you believe that there was a bug in the game that gave you these violations (ie. A/P disconnecting for no apparent reason, falling through the map), @appeals can help you get rid of them. If they are at fault of the player, (ie. got speed vimos because you were going 270 under 10,000 feet, etc), you wont be able to get those removed

My plane at cruising altitude began to reduce power until it entered stoll

Well, contact @appeals with your replay, and you can get the violations removed, if its a bug

You can also contact us if you received a level 1 violation that was an issue due to the games fault and not result of your flying so you can send a message to appeals and we’ll handle it.


Can I send you a private message to check it out?

You can do that as well, yes.


Appeals Team saves the day!! 😍🙌🏻