Help me find this airport!

Hi all!

Bit of a strange request… I’m trying to remember an airport, but I just can’t! It’s an awesome airport so I’m hoping someone will help end my frustrating misery!

  • I’m pretty sure the airport is in Europe or close to (to the west perhaps?) Could be just outside.
  • The airport is inside a bay, surrounded by high terrain, especially at one end of the runway. You can only approach over the water. This is my biggest clue!
  • Approach would have you vectored over the sea until final approach into the bay
  • There is parking on the left hand side of the airfield upon arrival into the bay
  • I’m pretty sure the airport has hosted FNF
  • It may be serviced by BA
  • It could have two parallel runways

I will be forever in debt to anyone who can help me! Help end the frustration! 😂


If you remembered the day you flew it, chances are you could just go through your log book… If it’s not in europe sounds like something from New Zealand


I’ve just been through 100 pages of my Logbook and no luck. I’ve most likely overlooked it, but I’ve been looking for around a week now!

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Check Madeira (LPMA)?

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That’s what I was going to say, based on your description, that would probably be correct.

Very close, but terrain is a lot higher at the end of the runway at where I’m searching. Thanks, though!

Madeira isn’t in a bay.

Any airline you know for sure operates into the airport?

Was it on an island or was it on mainland?

Either BA or a codeshare airline. Pretty sure I flew here with BAVA for FNF!

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I’m gonna say mainland, but could be wrong.

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Could it be Geneva? Though Geneva isn’t in a bay…

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is it Krasnodar or Sochi? They were both featured in an FNF @Liam_Smart

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Love Geneva, but not Geneva.

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I’ll try to help:

  1. Pulau Tioman WMBT
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@Liam_Smart is it Nice (LFMN)?


Could it be Nice(LFMN) though I am not sure if it has hosted an FNF
It meets all the other criteria:

  • It is in Europe(France)
  • It is by the Mediterranean and there is high terrain at the North-East side of the airport
  • You will be vectored over the sea if landing on 4L or 4R
  • When landing on the RWY04s, the apron is on the left-hand side
  • It is definitely serviced by BA
  • It has 2 parallel runways (RWY4L/22R and RWY4R/22L)

Doesn’t have 2 runways, but I think you might be talking about Gilbraltar (LXGB)

Nice job being 3 min earlier. haha


Yeah I was going to say that but like you said doesn’t have 2 runways, but part of the runway does double up as a road maybe that counts haha.

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