Help me find an active VA!

I’m not too sure, I believe they do. Check out to find out more!

Hello @FiskerN. Aegean Virtual is active and we have a lot of fun. Lots of group flights, training and much more. We even have codeshare routes with United VA. For more info you can contact @Georgios_P. Always welcome brother

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Yes they do have cargo routes, although they are operated in mostly 747s and not Cargo models particularly.

We have about 20 partners and one of them has cargo aircraft, but ok, your decision 🤷‍♂️

Yeah, unfortunatley we dont have that in IF xD

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If you’re looking for a great VA to join I highly suggest you check out BAVA. They got voted best VA for the 3rd consecutive year! Check out their thread!

I don’t know if I can advertise a VA/VO but what type of activity would you want a Really really active Va or etc? Because I know some active Va’s

I highly recommend you to check out IFVARB website.
Here you will find all verified VA`s.

Bruh nah I tried, even though I am a BizJet apprentice IRL I failed 3 times in a row, there’s no way I will ever be able to join xD


Our gates are always open here at Qantas Virtual Group, roaming the skies since 2012! As mentioned above we do utilize real-world QFF Freight Routes in the 747-400 Aircraft. As far as our application process goes, our registration avenues are active currently and the process is relatively simple.

Once you sign up at Register - Qantas Virtual Group you’ll be pm’d back with a response from our Recruitment Team with a link to our Knowledge Assessment. The knowledge assessment does not decide your entrance into the VA, it is simply a tool for our pilot recruiters to assess your knowledge of IF and it’s systems. Once that’s complete one of our staff will drop by a link to our Discord in the pm!

If you’d like to join the QVG family check out our thread below:

Hope to see you onboard,
Abdullah Z
Human Resources Manager
Qantas Virtual Group

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JET AIRWAYS VA is a great one

Mostly active in like, socializing. Flying sure that’s fine. But nothing is fun without socialization.

Hmm… Maybe.

Go check out ALVA, Allegiant Virtual, pretty good group

Do they have discord? Can you link me to them? :)

I would recommend Join Air India Virtual its active

But Atlas Air livery can be used, making it better I guess

We do have a discord, but we are currently using Slack. Allegiant Virtual Official Thread | Now Recruiting Pilots!

Are you looking for a VA that operates Discord?

Hello there. I would suggest looking in #live:va and look at the VA threads there. If it’s a 2021 thread then the VA is active. You could also look on and see VA’s there.
Here are the VA’s that I know are active. I’m not 100% sure if they are on discord.