Help me find an active VA!

Evening feller Pilotias!

I am looking for an active VA or VO which I can fly with which uses Discord etc~
Not only that though, one which is active.

I have applied for over 4-5 VA’s but no response from none of them.
I didn’t fail the application or any test, in fact I did everything I could have done, yet no response.
This tells me that they aren’t active, I won’t name any names though.

Please induldge me in some active VA/VO’s!

Cya in the sky!


Check the #live:va category and here

I do know these VA’s use Discord

Finnair Virtual
Air China Virtual
Qantas Virtual
Korean Air Virtual
And many more!


United Airlines VA is currently active right now.


Cathay Virtual seems to be active too, I’d consider joining them.

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Indeed, that’s where I am looking, but it’s hard to see which one of them that is actually active.
And obviously the 5 I’ve applied for aren’t, I know this because I got a response from one of them which I applied for 5 months ago, and I got a reply like a few days ago lmao xD

Thanks mate, I will look into those you listed!

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I think I’ll pass on cathay, I’d rather not join VA’s that are ahead in time, (Asia is 3-6 hours ahead of me, Sweden).

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Oh, well there’s EasyJet and British virtual, if I were to recommend a European VA.

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Those are nice, maybe EasyJet, not British though, I don’t like grinding for ranks that mean nothing in IF, I get it’s more of a roleplaying thing but. I just wanna join a VA and fly the aircraft I am used to flying, if they have it in their fleet.

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please see the #va category in the IFC for more details

Vistara VA (UKVA)
and many more stated above

I can guarantee this one is active

Air China VA is very active! The staff are either from Europe or America and you can fly whenever you want! Really cool VA! Defo recommend! Easy to gain rank up without the grind! Has loads of routes and code shares! :D

Highly recommend @QantasVirtualGroup I have only just started flying but loving it so far! The application process is very quick and easy. Staff are 10/10, the website is user friendly and stunning! And they have many active events too. Highly recommend!

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Nope, that is useless m8, doesn’t say which one is active and not active.

Yeah prob, but they don’t have a fun fleet… I’m more into Airlines with Cargo services.

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Do they have discord? I kinda wanna communicate while flying/talk about aviation.

Not to forget Aegean Virtual Airline ;)


I’ll check it out, thanks mate! :-)

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They do indeed! They will send you a link after joining them :)

Nice, but do they have cargo? :3

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