Help me decide to do this route or not?

Should I do Sydney to London tonight or no?

That is your decision.

Try to keep these to yourself next time. Flip a coin or something simple, no need to create a topic, it’s unproductive.


That’s your choice.

For technical purposes, I suggest turning down your settings, background apps, brightness, et cetera.

It’s part of your own free will to do any route as you please.

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Ok well, different question so I’m in EST Eastern Standard Time what time should I depart from Sydney at?

Go to it will tell you all you need

just do it yolo

We have no idea of your lifestyle. Questioning whether you should fly, and what time would suit yourself is completely your decision. You could be up at 7am, you could be up at 4pm, we don’t know this and we don’t plan your life. A flight tracker has been given so you can find your route, the rest is up to you.

Happy flying!

Ecoops already covered that. Restating comments is just as unproductive


You do you, as long as you enjoy my your flight, that’s what matters. You can try to do it eastbound if you are up for it. Enjoy 😉

Yello. I use for things like this.
You should do it. I did it last year, in a QF a388 and somehow upon landing had almost enough fuel to continue to New York, but I’d already been airborne for 21 so I didn’t.