Help me create a VA

Can I have some help to create a WestJet VA?

I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure one is in the works…

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I don’t think so.

There is already a WestJet in the works.

You can become staff there if you want.


A WestJet VA is already in the works. Check the IFVARB staff recruitment thread.

What airlines are there not a va for?

Check the IFVARB Reservations List.

Can I get a link?

Hello! Thanks for your interest in VAs. Check out the reservation list below.


Can I make up my own?

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You can.
Check out this thread for more info: IFVARB Information Thread [Start Here!] [Updated 20190220]

I don’t understand that.

I want to call it… California Airlines.

Read the whole thread.

That’s really hard to do!

If reading the thread is hard to do, then perhaps its not the right time to start working on a VA. The IFVARB would like to see individuals who are able to act and manage their VA professionally by first following the instructions outlined in the pinned topics in the #live:va category.

Look over the topic linked by @anon82246052, as well as the reservation list inked by @Brandon_K. Thanks for the help and understanding.