Help me choose what to do tomorrow

  • Orlando to Sao Paulo
  • Boston to Dubai

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Hey I think this should probably go in #live or #general as I’m assuming this is not what route you will fly in real life

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What is this for? I’m really confused.

I need help choosing.

Choosing? What are you choosing?

Now it’s in #live:events which is for, well, events. I think it should go in #live

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I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) what route to fly???

If you want something that is only 6ish hours go for Orlando-Sao Paulo. If you want something that is more like 12hrs long do Boston-Dubai

I’ve done Washington To Dubai and I’m also considering Ft Lauderdale to Dubai and maybe Houston to Doha.

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Boston to Dubai might end up being only 10 hrs but I will keep it in mind.

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