Help Me Choose an Art Print

Classic livery/plain background

Classic livery/design background

Modern livery/plain background

Modern livery/design background

    1. Classic livery/plain background
    1. Classic livery/design background
    1. Modern livery/plain background
    1. Modern livery/design background

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Recently, I decided to search for a piece of aviation art for my home. As I already have several military pieces, I focused my search on commercial aircraft.

The first two questions I had were: 1. what type of aircraft, and, 2. which airline? After looking at many art prints, I kept coming back to aircraft that were no longer in airline service, the classics. I also quickly decided I didn’t want a “.com” livery hanging on my wall. After all, this was meant to be art, not an advertisement.

After days of searching, I decided on the MD-11 in VARIG livery. The decision, however, brought with it a few more decisions. The art prints come in both classic and modern liveries, and a choice of plain or design backgrounds. Again, I thought, which one should I choose?

Because I like them all, I’m asking the good folks of the IFC for their opinions in the form of a poll. As much as I’d like to, I can’t buy them all, so please only pick your favorite, and maybe leave a comment about your choice below. I really appreciate the help.

Note: The featured artist is Alexey Rubtsov.


I know that this is going to be quite an unpopular opinion, but my brain somehow seems to appreciate the plain backgrounds more than the “design” backgrounds.
Personally, I feel that the designs can somehow draw away the viewer’s attention from the aircraft to the background. For me, if there’s all sorts of mountains and things in the background, my focus begins to shift towards the randomness in the background rather than the photo’s centerpiece.
In those images, there doesn’t seem to be anything special in the background (for example, there isn’t any sort of special, beautiful scenery that everyone would want to see, only some dull, gray mountain-looking shapes). If it’s just randomness in the background, then why include it? Isn’t it the same as blurring out the background of a person’s portrait? Blurring the background of a portrait of a person brings the attention of the viewer onto the subject rather than the background, and I believe it works similarly with these types of aircraft photos.
Why take attention away from the foreground just for the fun of it?

But anyway, those are just my thoughts. If you’d like, definitely feel free to share you guys’ point of view on the photos with me. :)

What would’ve been nice is if the creator decided to extend the colors in the plain version just a bit farther away from the aircraft body…


Thanks for your insight and comments. Design, and how it’s perceived, can make a big difference.


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