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LPMA - Arrival procedure support

I start with an apology, but know I am reaching out in hope that someone out there, knows the answer.

So, I really want to do a nice, Medium haul flight from London Gatwick Airport to The Cristiano Ronaldo Maderia Airport.

I have loaded the route into the trust ‘SimBrief’ which has produced me a lovely looking route, but it doesn’t appear to have taken into consideration the special arrival procedure down at FMA.

My Question:

  1. Does anyone know the waypoints, to add to the end of my route, to replicate that arrival?
  2. Is there a way on ‘SimBrief’ to add that plate in?
  3. Is there any special procedures for arrival other than the published one? (go around, etc)


I have searched for the answer, read the brilliant SimBrief and ‘how to read a plate’ tutorials. I really have tried everything, I’m still lost, I just cannot find those waypoints…

Thanks in advance!


*Photo of CR statue is from: FNC - Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira Airport and the easyJet photo is stolen! From Mr Shelton’s route suggestions.


Hey There!
I don’t know much, But I know from flying there before, that they come in from the south towards the airport, downwind facing, and the turn base and the straight in. You can find approach charts online simply by searching for them. I don’t use simbrief that much though, if there is one, I find that RNAV’s are usually the easiest to read. Note that some waypoints aren’t present in Infinite Flight, so input the arrival plan manually to simbrief and follow these instructions.

As a last resort you can just make your own approach, which may be easier but is way more unprofessional and unrealistic.

Hope this helped!

Hi Josh!

As mentioned above, i have read the fantastic tutorials that Chris has put together, but sadly, they don’t help. I need someone to outline to me in basic English how to perform that approach and what waypoints to input into infinny Flight.

Thanks for getting back to me, i am very jealous you have been fortunate enough to test this approach out IRL! Oh and that you live in sunny Portugal!

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I found this chart off of Google. Get the waypoint from the star you want to use then enter it into

Hope this helps

Chart link(

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There is a waypoint in the game which is ‘‘MA522’’
Before reaching that waypoint which is your final turn, make sure you are 1100ft Minimum with gear down, flaps set…
Start turning toward to ‘‘MA520’’ arrived that waypoint you have to be at 840ft then start turning again to the runway.
Reaching waypoint ‘‘MA502’’ has to be at 440ft
Then the rest is depends on your experience. Timing for flare and etc…

This is kind of according to the charts a well.

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Sorry Matt, What waypoints am i looking at here, and what plate? Can you PM me

I wish I did, but I live in South Africa.

Alright, let me help some more.
If I am correct, you would insert these into your FPL

Isnt it great when we all come together to help another! THANKS GUYS…

Look at that. EGKK-LPMA with plate arrivals:


Thanks to @Allen_Lu for a fantastic waypoint breakdown and @Matthew_Chan for your signpost to - Oh and Josh for making us jealous that he lives in Portugal.


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Hello! for LPMA arrivals I recommend you apply the waypoints as seen by @Josh_Tomaz for your arrival into the airport. Generally arrivals are on runway 05 which is always done as a visual approach. Because of this I highly recommend that you don’t rely on the the STAR to line you up or lead you completely to the runway. here are a couple steps when you reach downwind.

  • When you reach downwind turn off your NAV.
  • Be full configured with full flaps and gears down before you turn base.
  • When turning base manually fly using the edge of the land to guide you into the turn.
  • Never overestimate how low you are!

Enjoy the amazing approach into LPMA!

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Make sure to try that each waypoints have their own Altitude, it helps you a lot.

Will feedback my efforts tomorrow. Thanks again. And brilliant @TwinsRock88 - i will try that!

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Ohh almost forgot here is a link to the Runway 5 visual approach so you can visually prepare for it!


@Chris_S - Leading on from your SimBrief tutorial, Does SimBrief automatically pull the arrival and departure plates into the route you ‘analyse’?? If so, we should then convert them into an IF compatiable waypoint on the website?

Does that make sense, is that correct?

Read his previous quote, he outlines that he lives in South Africa. 😂

Didn’t realize that there is a specific procedure for this airport, when I fly into this airport I will definitely take into account what has been said before. Thanks guys!

Here’s the VOR Visual Approach chart for Runway 05.

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Hi Lou, I have found an extremely useful website that was recommended by Joshua.


Type in the ICAO and you will see all available charts and plates for that field.


2 Likes is the best in my opinion l, but they didn’t seem to have charts. Enjoy the approach, it’s amazing.

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Its only USA and Canada. Last time I checked, LPMA wasn’t in the USA.


Did it!! Fantastic flight, Thanks all!


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