Help looking for someone

I’ve found topics about people asking what the User IFATC Henrik E’s account is on this community. I’m host topics were never really answered. Does anybody know his tag so I can contact him relating to ATF things

@Henrik_E is the person you are looking for.

Review this topic in the future to find the controller, then PM the controller:

No, he is looking for @Henrik

Nope the one linked initially is correct, that’s Henrik the guy who is no longer a moderator.

I think it was that henrickIFFG guy because he says I his bio he controlls. So I contacted him

Its confusing cause there are 2 Henrik’s.Sorry

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Don’t worry about it. I got the same results while searching

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I’m a bit worried. What did he or you do since ATF is involved?


I think he means air traffic formation lol

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Yeah sorry

This can be closed