Help! Landing!

I’m having trouble landing. Everything time I fly, I do really well until I land. I bump up and down. Sometimes the front wheel of my plane goes into the ground😡 It’s a glitch. Please help. I want to be able to land perfectly with no glitches and bumps. What do I need to do with the yoke (what position should it be in), what percantage should my trim be. Thanks a lot for any advice

How fast do you land?

Make sure you are calibrated correctly. Also, make sure you don’t land nose down. If their still make a bad landing, slow down.

What was the speed and aircraft type?

Between 100k and 200k. I don’t know how to slow down!

Make sure you land slow enough. Fast landings can cause VS to be too fast and “bounce” the plane.

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It was the Airbus a380

Use “flight” spoilers to slow down on descend. Different planes have different landing speeds!

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An A380 has a landing speed of about 150-160 kts. It shouldnt have a problem slowing down though. Make sure your VS isnt too much during descend!

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To slow down make sure you have flaps upon landing and reduce the speed anyway you can. And also have the device calibrated. And with the A380 you need to consider the weight.

Has anyone experienced the glitch where the front wheel goes into the ground?

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Trim is a good secret for smooth landing, use 15-20
If your weight is 25% then the landing spd could be 155-160k


Thats when you really slam into the ground. :/


I have and some times it can happen when you forcing the plane to go down with flaps at high speeds. The you slam the nose wheel into the ground. Maybe you need to slow down before deploying flaps.

That is meant to simulate gear collapse. I hope you use flaps…

Well, these two links may help you. These are Infinite Flight official tutorials

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I did it! I can now land properly! Thanks so much guys. I tried it the 3 times. All successful and smooth!


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