Help Keep my Local GA Airport Open

My local airport Reid Hillview, also the one I’m currently learning to fly at, is at risk of closing. RHV is an undervalued resource vital to my community and its residents. I have spent countless hours at this airport taking photos, studying, and meeting pilots and getting to know the general aviation community. This airport has impacted me greatly and I would appreciate it if each of you took a minute out of your day to help me and the rest of the aviation community with this issue by signing the petition.

I ask that you sign this petition to:

“1. Protect the future of the Reid-Hillview Airport and its continued service to our community.

  1. Persuade Santa Clara County to resume accepting federal and state airport grants.

  2. Ensure county supervisors adopt a business plan that secures the longevity of our airport and encourages aviation investments.

  3. Encourage aviation-related land use adjacent to the airport on airport property.

  4. Work with pilot groups to enhance safety and reduce noise impacts on the community.

Reid-Hillview is home to San Jose State University’s Aviation Program, the only 4-year baccalaureate program in California that provides our local students with a promising career in aviation. Alumni from this program are found all across the country as pilots, airport managers, and aviation professionals. Closing this airport means closing down the aviation program.

Reid-Hillview is a “designated reliever” for San Jose Mineta Airport. 160,000 annual takeoffs & landings at Reid-Hillview offload airspace and runways at San Jose Mineta for commercial airline growth.

Reid-Hillview provides critical capacity for emergency services and disaster recovery operations. The Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART), a community run volunteer organization, the Civil Air Patrol, and Cal Fire all operate out of Reid-Hillview during emergencies.

Reid-Hillview allows charitable organizations like Angel Flight to provide free transport for patients who cannot afford or tolerate commercial flights to or from medical treatment; Reid-Hillview hosted 29% of NorCal flights in 2017 - 26% of those flew local residents.

Reid-Hillview plays host to community events like Hot San Jose Nights a classic car show and airport open house.

These are just a handful of the benefits our local airport provides us. Please, sign the petition to voice your support for this invaluable county asset. Once an airport is closed it cannot be reopened and is lost forever.”


Already signed. Saw your brother post something on this and was saddened to see that this is even a consideration. ✅

Keep us up to date on the outcome!


Signed! ✅

I certainly can’t forget our flight out of there to Half Moon Bay. I hope they keep it open!



I have signed the petition. Tragic to see people even think about closing airports.


Driven past this airport lots on my way to Santa Cruz and flown in here in my pilots license training. Very cool airport and i just signed the petition✒ hope this gets enough signatures


Signed ✅

Airports like these is why GA exists

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Signed ☑️✅✅✅


signed it :)
hoping it stays open


Just signed it. I do not want San Jose to lose a GA airport.

This airport is beautiful.


I’ve signed the petition. We’ve got to support aviation in all ways possible! Hopefully this turns out well.


Signed, seems like a fairly large GA airport, I don’t see a good reason why they would close it.


I signed! It would be so sad to see the airport closed.


Signed! Let’s keep this airport open everyone!!!


signed it for you. we need to keep Ga airports open


Good to see the community rallying together to help afellow avgeek.


Target 2,500 has been hit next stop 5,000


Personally, I’m not really a big fan of GA, but it’s always sad when an airport closes, so I signed! I hope others will do so to!


Thank you everyone who has signed the petition so far! The county is holding a meeting right now where they’re looking at several future business options for the airport; 2 of the 3 involve closing the airport.

I want to talk more about why this airport means so much to me since I didn’t have much time to explain when I posted the original topic.

  1. This airport is home to EAA Chapter 62 who have awarded me 2 full scholarships to Oshkosh for AirAcademy. Never would have gotten the chance to experience AirVenture or AirAcademy if it weren’t for my EAA Chapter.
  2. I’m learning to fly out of RHV. If Reid Hillview were closed myself and the hundreds of other pilots that are learning to fly here will be stuck driving an hour north up to Palo Alto for training or further. RHV has 4 flight schools on the field and as they’re becoming more popular it would be a huge blow for the schools and for pilots like me who are trying to complete their training.
  3. RHV is home to San Jose State University’s aviation program. It is the only 4 year baccalaureate program in California. My brother is currently involved in this program and I plan on doing the same after graduating high school. If the airport closes, the program gets shut down too. Obviously this would be an issue for all the students enrolled in the course and for students like myself who plan to take the course.

So far we’re just over 2,500 signs in the petition and we’ll need more to show the county we really care about our airport. Please share this link with friends and family. Every signature helps!


Thanks man! The county has tried a few times in the past to shut it down but it has never been this serious before. I’ll keep everyone updated.


Signed! Let’s not lose an airport!✅

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