Help Joining a Virtual Airline

Hello IFC. I have always wanted to join Delta virtual airlines, but I don’t know where to join or apply. I had the link once, but I think I accidentally closed out of it. If anyone has the link, can you please post it?
—Signed, Aviator21

Here is the application link. Also, you can search for Delta VA or DLVA and find it there.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it

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Well crap. I just realized I have to be 15, and be Grade 3. Well I have a few years of waiting left :(

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There are plently of other VA’s you can join. Don’t let your age stop you.


Ok, what VAs don’t have age or grade restrictions?

Here is the full list of every approved Virtual Airline. You can read each VA’s thread and see if there is any age restrictions


You are welcome to join Aeroflot Virtual- there is no age or grade limit, but there are conduct rules

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The easiest way to join a VA is to search for their thread in the IFC and it will have a link to the joining part. The alternative is to acess their website and click in the Join page. :-)

But always check the requirements to make sure you are eligible!

Ok thanks Northwest. Have a good day 🙂

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You can also take a look at FedEx if you would like 👀

FlySwiss is willing to take members of any age.
Apply here

We are also in a alliance with other virtual airlines making it easier to join other members of GlobeCast alliance.

Ok guys if you would like for him to join your VA, please PM him, so this place does not become a mess. Thanks!

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Yeah don’t advertise. If you want to find a va, do what they all said and go to #live:va and take a look at some of the threads that seem interesting to you and see if they have any requirements/restrictions. If they don’t, apply! All the VA’s are great and I would recommend every one if I could.


Yeah. Sadly our website is down right now ;(. A new fresh one is in the works! You can apply from this. Hope to see you there! Cheers!


No advertising please.

Brayden please read above what I said. Thank you!

ACVA dosnt have them.

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He wanted to join DLVA. I have him a link to join DLVA.

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He already said he is not eligible. So we moved on from that (: