Help, infinite flight keeps crashing

Every flight I’ve flown from EDDF to KJFK and right before landing it crashed also when I was flying from EDDF to Beijing
As you can understand this is very annoying
I have an iPad Air 2
iOS 11.4
Latest version of infinite flight
This got worse after updating to IOS 11.4
I restarted the app and my iPad before both flights


Did it actually happen before updating your iOS version?

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Yes it did but a lot less often it used to be monthly now it’s daily

Not sure how long you’ve had the Air 2 but when I used to fly with mine before I purchased the Pro 10.5, I ended up doing a full backup and factory reset of the device (Air 2) and that seemed to help especially when entering busy airspaces. You might have to adjust your graphics settings to find a happy balance if a factory reset and backup doesn’t help resolve this.


Hello, do you use limit frame rate at all?

I just started and now it works I’m doing a long flight rn

Yes make sure you use limit frame rate as it will massively help your device and hopefully reduce the likelihood of it crashing.

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