Help I'm new

Hi I’m new to this forum and was hoping for some info on the forum. I have been playing infinite flight for over 3 years now and just now got into IF live!

First, how do I join events? Everytime I try it won’t let me respond.

Second, Whats the trust level and how do I gain I higher trust level?

Any info on the forum will be well appreciated.


Be active and like others people posts


Welcome to the forums!
Trust levels are levels you gain on the forums. Right now, you are a TL1. All new members start out with this level.
To create an event, you must be Trust Level 2. To achieve that, just be active on here (not saying you have to be on 24/7). Like posts, create threads, reply to threads, and you will get TL2 in a couple of weeks.
Also; next time when making a thread like this, put it under the category “support”.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


hello , and welcome to the forum!!!
when I take part of events, I just check on infinite flight Facebook or twitter page and I got to join them, usually it is put onto the forum where you can just reply by saying , I’ll be there! then just go into infinite flight live , choose the airport that the event is stated in and you are ready!

sorry, I don’t know about the rest.

happy landings!


Hi there and welcome to the forum. :)

You can join events by just turning up on the correct server and the correct time you’ll see Virtual airlines host events or
@Mark_Denton every Tuesday and Friday, which are great. :)

To earn a higher trust level, Just be active and respond to threads and give and earn likes.