Help! I'm going too fast when I'm landing

You are supposed to land at 170, maybe 160 kts. If you are landing at 200, you are landing way to fast. When descending, use spoilers, and after the descends, flaps to full.

Pleas change it to Airbus A380 or just A380;)

I suggest slowing down before decent.

The Airbus 747 is even worse…

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its okay we all make mistakes… you gave us a good laugh which was needed don’t take it personally

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You should reduce to your descent speed before you descend into your airport, or decrease your VS

I can’t change it. Won’t let me. Soz. I’m annoyed too😦

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I remember at my Bday, people were trying to guess my favorite plane. Someone said Boeing A380.

There’s two types of descent rates: Nose down or Nose Up.

With the A380 you should be entering the localiser at a rate 180kts. Not full flaps at this point. Your gear will help in the next part of your descent, plus you need them for landing. Put them down averaging 15/3 flaps for landing. The more closer you get the more flap you set.

How you descend is slowing right down and putting the nose up. Be careful not to stall and put that nose to far, you need room for flaring.


anyways here are some tips:

  1. If you are going fast in your A380 (M 0.86+), you may want to slow down a bit to help you lose some speed

  2. Don’t descend to steeply. This can make slowing down your aircraft harder, or it can even allow you to accelerate.

  3. Flaps will help. Use them only at the proper altitudes/distances/speeds though (See what David Lockwood posted above)

  4. Armed spoilers only deploy when on the ground. You want flight spoilers.

  5. Having gear down will help you slow down, but don’t randomly deploy them at 20,000 ft. to lose some speed

  6. If able, do some 360s to lose a bit of speed, and some altitude also.

ROFL. That’s one of the best reactions I’ve ever read, I actually am having a slight laughing fit.

Your welcome.

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Just don’t die.

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did he really say that?? but yeah a380 has bad spoilers and reversers… just start slowing down earlier

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