Help! I'm going too fast when I'm landing

I have spoilers on armed, my descent rate is normal, everything is normal and set how it should be. But I’m still coming in toooo fast! I’m in Airbus a380 at 200kts!!! Help! Thanks a lot for any advice👍

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Did you just…
Anyway, it’s quite hard to slow down in the A380, even with spoilers.


My head hurts… Make sure you have your spoilers set to flight on descent…


If you need to slow down, use spoilers set to flight, not armed. When they are armed they deploy on touchdown.

Maybe idle the throttle.

Increase weight XD

Soz guys. Ment Airbus a380. I was thinking of another plane when typing this

Do you work for a news agency?


Potato. I know. It’s an Airbus. I was thinking of another plane when typing this

No I don’t

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Slow down earlier and descend earlier. Gives you more leeway for for adjustments


What is your decent rate usually?

Full flaps?

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You need to start slowing down a long way out in the heavies and even on the smaller airliners!

as a very rough guide…which works across most of the fleet, try below, its all about pre-planning your descent profile

at 42 miles to go, you need to be at 12000ft, at around 240 kts. (Spoilers on)
at 24 miles to go, you need to be at 6000ft, at around 190 kts, (flaps 2-3)
at 12 miles to go, you need to be at 3000ft, at around 170 kts, (flaps 3-4)
at 8 miles to go, you need to be at 1500ft, around 150kts, gear down, spoilers armed and full flaps for landing.

if you are new to flying on IF, I wouldn’t start with one of the really big planes, but get the basics on an A320 or B737-7, before moving up to a larger airframe. The figures are a guide rather than exact amount…as you get more experience with the different planes you will know what you need for each stage of approach.

As a guide I generally keep the Autopilot on fully to about 3000 ft, then disconnect but keep the 'Speed '(Auto-Throttle) on till I am about 1000ft or so. if by 500ft you are going to fast or you are too high to land then do a Go-Around!


you need a very long straight approach with an a380


if you are not on the finals heading by about 10nm at the very latest then time to go around

If you’re going too fast arm the flight spoilers. If you’re still going too fast then try landing with a lighter weight.

You want a lighter weight not heavier…if heavier you need to go faster to avoid crashing.

Wait sorry I just realized that lol. I feel so embarrassed. I probably said that because I always land with the 100% MLW.

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