Help! IFAE test

I am finding it to be quite a challenge to study for a test that there is no definite study guides for? Can someone in the upper eschalance of ranking please throw me a bone?! I could use some help!

I’d recommend watching all of the ATC videos for IF on YouTube. Watch each video 2-3 times so you can under stand it better. And that shloud for sure help!


You should pm one of the IFAE staff for guidance.


I’ve never taken the IFAE test so I can’t say I can really help you. Although I’m sure #tutorials has some great information that would probably boost you that’s most likely on the test. YouTube is also a great hub for tutorials.


The IFAE Test I can say is based on IFATC’s test, including aircraft operations in an ATC’s environment. So, I think your best spot is #tutorials Take some time to apply some of the content you see in your flying and your chances of passing may increase. One thing’s for sure while you apply things while learning, your practicals may be straight tailwinds all the way through.
//IFAE Tester


Thanks Nate!

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