Help I got ghosted by ATC

I got ghosted by ATC for landing on the runway without perms when I didnt touch the runway AT ALl

Hi. Can you please go into your logbook (bottom left on the main menu) and give us the name of the controller that ghosted you?

Thanks for reaching out.

IFATC-Sam DeMoura

Alright. Please contact @Sam_DeMoura so that he can handle this ghost. Good luck :)

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just out of curiousity how high above the runway were you?

About 10 feet

But its all cleared now.

good to hear its cleared, but if you were not given permission how come you decided to go in for the landing? unless there was no ATC until you were on short final and that person reported you.

Yes i was just about to hit the runway and he said go around

At this point it’s best to let the controller explain to the original poster.

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last I checked we are allowed to ask each other questions incase we end up in a similiar situation!

@moderators… Asked & Answered. Recommend closure!